In a close family, there is a security in knowing that you’re a part of it no matter what you’ve done, who you marry, or what your career choices are. Humanity all tracks back through the mitochondria of the cells to one woman known as the “Mitochondrion Eve.” She’s considered the Mother of all living so we are all members of a much larger family. It’ll take a concerted family effort to overcome the obstacles in front of us. So before we get started in this next age, I thought we should just do what families do, call a spade a spade and work it all out together so we can just eat Sunday dinner.

That being said, I make it a point not to mention any of the different intel characters who have been part of this process. For the most part, they are well intentioned people who needed to find a way to survive along a long path of lies.

In many cases Gurus have excellent sources. If you were to measure them based on the standard that everyone is who they say they are then there would be no doubt about the information they are sharing. But that’s just not the world we live in.

In reality, people’s excellent banking sources are controlled assets by the Rothschild banking mafia. Potentially the most controlled aspect of the Matix, there is no one providing intel inside the banks who isn’t under duress and constantly blackmailed or threatened by the Order. This makes it impossible to trust the information they provide because no matter how close you are to someone, they will stab you in the back if their child’s life is on the line. And seriously, who could blame them.

The military sources are part of the Militarized Industrial Complex and in many cases they’re loyal to the Jesuit order. And in case you don’t know what that means, just look up the Jesuit Oath.

The active Military, and the retired Military turned Mercenary are trained to follow orders, and in many cases don’t realize they’re working for the bad guys. They’re trained to trust that the source giving the orders has a higher perspective and is always acting in the best interests of the mission, and in accordance with the vows of service they have already taken. When this illusion breaks down and soldiers are left with the darkness of their own actions it can be painful to face a reality where they’ve been used as a tool to enslave and destroy the entire planet.

In some cases, Gurus have “Intelligence Agency” sources. Perhaps the least appropriately named organizations of all time, they have very specific disinformation campaigns and even have public records available to show you how they’ve used and lied to you. They know you won’t look it up. That’s why they don’t mind making resources like the CIA library available on line. These organizations always have the one side that is being controlled by the Shadow Government but think they’re real, and the other side which is actually sanctioned by what is supposed to be the real Government, and they generally are much less aware of what is really happening.

I spoke with a gentleman who was having a documentary shot about his life as an FBI agent. He boasted how his work changed the entire intelligence world. With such an impressive resume I expected a very high level of awareness, but quickly realized how different the events were that we were both witnessing.

The first time we spoke he was very confident about his ability to protect us from the banks syphoning off our transfers. The second time I spoke to him, there was a marked difference in his tone. When the inquiries open up doors into rooms they don’t want us to see there’s usually an overreaction that should let one know they are on the right track. But if you’ve invested a lot of time into creating a legendary image of yourself, it’s hard to let that go to pursue the truth. Many times I’ve seen the bravado and arrogance disappear after such an interaction.

The legendary agent and investigator that he was, he didn’t even put his hands on a real intelligence report to verify who or what we all about. All it took was a bad report from his trusted contact, who he probably never should have trusted in the first place to completely destroy his image of who we were. It was pathetic really.

In that second conversation he told me through a quivering voice, seemingly angry that I called, that I couldn’t use his name as a reference in a letter to a bank to let them know that we had an investigator who would be looking into any and all funds transferred that were misdirected or missing all together. That doesn’t seem like an action that people trying to scam would take. Why would we want to hire a legendary FBI Agent to investigate the fraudulent transfers we were making? And what was said that made him not only stop helping us, but not even do a proper investigation?

The day before he was very confident telling us almost as if it was so easy for him to handle that it wasn’t even a problem worth worrying our pretty little heads about. I’m certain he’s still convinced he changed the world with his work at the FBI. In reality, he just supported the illusion, and working with us may have been his one chance to actually change the world.

The Universe gives us choices and we’re accountable for the decisions we make. Life or death, love or hate, the truth or a lie, we get these choices all day, everyday.

In some cases, the sources supplying information for the semi-public spokesperson don’t realize what they’re sharing isn’t accurate. They’re watching the busy work invented by the Order, and from their perspective it’s real. This includes the busy Bond Brokers who are certainly compiling legal documents as we speak to finally get the pay out on their Chinese War Bonds. They’ve put in a lot of work with no return on their time or money invested. They haven’t caught on that the bonds they hold have already been redeemed for cash, and sold back to them for a little extra cash.

Others have been told that they are part of the elite that will be spared in the slave master’s plan of global annihilation. This group is filled with the dark souls who have long ago convinced themselves that their actions are justified because they’re following orders, or it’s the only way to preserve the human race. For some of them, they believe this is the only opportunity they will ever have to gain the level of respect, freedom, lifestyle, and power they’ve been breed, selected and trained to crave. It’s easy to control people that have been brainwashed to compete against each other for the honor of being the champion.

What none of the above groups really recognize is that there are much higher levels of Government and authority that exist on this planet. The primary principles they have based their allegiance to are not informed of the entire plan, or even what role it is they play in it. It’s impossible for them to believe their own eyes because everything is part of a controlled environment designed to stagnate the power of the human spirit.

At the highest level of authority on the planet there has only ever been one king-God. At some point in our hidden past, we were all conscious of God manifested from the Light Source Energy that surrounds us all the time. Some people were more in tune to God’s direction, and acted to love and direct people on a path that best served their individual needs as well as the greater good of the whole.

These spiritual leaders had nothing to gain or take from the people. They were acting as servants to God first, ambassadors of a higher charge. And in reality, they served the people and the planet to exist in harmony as we all progressed through our spiritual evolution.

A true extension of God always realizes that their sustenance comes from him. Being able to see and understand God in action internally, and in the creation all around us takes away the need to be afraid of anyone having dominion over us, or the need to elevate ourselves above one another for prestige.

Furthermore, there’s no need to charge for a service or skill that is one’s duty and privelage to perform. The success of the group to make progress in their understanding is the innate reward that any true leader seeks. It’s only because we’ve monetized all of our energetic assets that we need to work to claim what is already ours.

In my personal mission, there have been many challenges. I am not employed by anyone but I work for everyone. I can’t quit because my boss is all things and everywhere. I’ve had to lose everything to have the privilege to play this part, the hours are long, and the work can be overwhelming. I have no regrets. I answer to God and this has been my life long goal: to be myself, and have that be okay with God. On this journey is where I’ve come to see God in operation within me, you, and everything else. On the highest levels, light and dark work in harmony to give shape and form to an abstract image that couldn’t be appreciated if it had not been for the contrast.

Like anyone else, I just woke up one day in this world thinking everything I saw was real. And just like you, I started waking up all over again to realize that nothing really was.

All that is real and beautiful in the world exists inside of you. That is not an attempt to shame anyone for wanting nice things. I will buy a nice home, a nice watch, and a nice car and wont have an ounce of guilt about it. Often times when people spout off rhetoric stating “it’s not about the money”, or “we need to get over our materialism” it’s because that’s an issue they have and they’re trying to walk a different path. I don’t have an issue having nice things and staying gratefully humble, or having nothing and remaining gratefully confident. Our focus in our journey is what keeps us on the path.

This planet is our family’s inheritance. We have an obligation to protect it and put the resources contained on it to good use. Fighting and comparing each other, to each other only works to keep us down. If we set our gaze on the mark of the high calling, our conversations, energy, and general well being will naturally elevate.

There’s an unwritten rule in most families. You may have been guilty of it yourself at some point. If you ever had a fight with your brother, and started complaining about it to your friend, then suddenly, the friend started piling on to add to your complaints, a trigger snaps within us. In no time what started out as a problem between you and your brother has now become a fight between you and your friend as you defend your brother. Because we all know, “I can talk about my brother, because he’s MY brother. But you better not say a word against him or it’s on.” Lol

Now if we could all embrace that level of loyalty and tolerance for one another, recognizing that all of humanity is one family, we could change the world in a few hours. We’re all in this together. Let’s work together to find the truth. There is power in speaking the truth. But where the real power is at, is when you are the truth speaking.


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