5 January, 2019 10:45

The Shift Has Begun

H.R.25 – To promote freedom, fairness, and economic opportunity by repealing the income tax and other taxes, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a national sales tax to be administered primarily by the States.






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  1. for those of us who don’t get these congressional hoopalah,

    a summary as to” where we are” with the heading would be helpful….
    is this saying the above is in progress, suggested, or done.?
    I just like details.
    Any word on the tribunals???

  2. My response to this item when posted in a skype room:

    This amounts to another sleight of hand by those who wish to retain their power by deceitful means. The truth begins to unravel the sham once you get past the “good news” of the income tax being repealed. We think it’s a big deal because of the terror that fraud has spread for so long, but in reality, their Supreme Court determined LONG ago that the “16th” Amendment (even if it had been actually ratified) did NOT give CONgress ANY new taxing powers. HR 1 has already destroyed any claim the IRS perverts could make for any unapportioned direct tax, income or otherwise. So, repealing the income tax means nothing to anyone except federal citizens and federal employees. Furthermore, a sales tax is a direct tax, so it makes no difference if it is 1% or 90%. It must be apportioned throughout the States! But here is where the scam is revealed: it’s a “national” sales tax. So they are relying on us to perpetuate the old fraud against ourselves. Are you a part of that U S “nation”? Is the United States (federal OR corporate) YOUR country? If you understand this scam for what it is, you’ll be asking them how does this nonsense “promote freedom, fairness and economic opportunity”?

  3. just click on the info/website given and it takes you right to where you need to go.,.,.its simple 🙂 promise !!
    its legit !

  4. Cindy I think you are missing the point. It is just more info no evidence of any real happenings.

  5. Still no Soveriegnty….so what good is a Corp. Gov’t??? Still blocking funds. When funds get to where they are supposed to go then we will be seeing action.

  6. Criminals still walking around…Schumar and Pelosi still playing games. Build the wall!

  7. Trump do martial law….make arrests. People are tired of waiting. Being strung along. We want to see something that is evident. Sorry If I sound impatient but I am looking like a crazy person to people now!

  8. Munuchin, Pelosi, Schumer, Pence all business as usual. These folks should be behind bars for treason.

  9. They are advertising on radio that tax time is coming and that certain law firms are capable of lowering your taxes or completely eliminating your entire bill, if you have a problem with the IRS….!! DOES that sound like they are going anywhere, anytime soon…..!!
    The banks are still foreclosing on homes and still sending out bills to people….!!

    Why doesn’t someone like the President send them a bill for a trillion dollars and if they don’t pay it…..foreclose on all their buildings and arrest all employees if they can’t pay us back….!! How hard could that be with 4 branches of the military willing to carry out a directive like that….!! Intimidation works both ways…..!!

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