The letter below was written to an individual with Cancer who was given two months to live. Details have been left out to protect their privacy.

I am writing this letter to prepare you mentally for the healing process. Our common goal is to return you to optimum health. To begin this process it is essential that you understand the content of this message. Please write down any questions that you may have so we can discuss them in person.

Every cell in your body is working for you. They all vibrate at a specific frequency for them to maintain their optimum life force. You generate brand new cells every 7 years.

That means that every part of you decides to live for your best life, every day. And, your testimony in life is so powerful that you have multiplied your signature on the creation by having children and even grand children.

In your brain you have a conglomeration of arteries shaped like a man sitting in the midst of a cloudy substance you call your brain. This is symbolic of God in heaven, which can also be seen in the scriptures when Jesus ascended on a cloud into the heavens ten days after he poured out the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

It is God in you that has inspired your life, and God as your life that has the ability to heal you as well.

I cannot go against your will to heal your body as it would be like going against the will of God. My understanding is that your continued desire is to live on in this shape and form as the person you are today. Is that correct?

Person: Yes. That is correct

Good. With that in mind, throughout this process you must remember that you’re an expression of God’s will, and if you don’t want to die, then God doesn’t want you to die at this time either.

The only reason you are sick is because some of the cells in your body got cut off from the messages being sent from the brain. So they forgot who they were and what their mission was.

We are going to remind them who they are, where they came from, what their job is, and who they serve. Does that make sense?

Person: Yes

We are going to use four things to accomplish that goal. CBD Oil, Nutritional Therapy, Ozone Therapy, and Frequency Therapy. All of these are in harmony with Natural Law as dictated by the one who made you.

You are responsible to give the orders to your body that you will continue to live. You are not the Cancer. You are a child of God and that makes you royalty. That royal lineage has the genetic memories of how to heal your body. The Cancer is merely a child that has lost their way.

We will use the treatments to allow the Cancer and the other cells in your body to receive the message from the intent of your heart and power of your soul that you want to live.

The Cancer will have no choice but to respond to the frequency of the voice from which it draws all of its energy. This is why it is imperative that you speak the truth with every word and thought you have until the therapy is complete.

We will not give the Cancer any special acknowledgement as if it is a separate entity. Much in the same way a Mother cannot reward a child for bad behavior, you cannot reward the Cancer with more attention when it is out of line with the instructions of the brain and the best interests of the body. All of the cells in the body have a role to play to maintain its vitality.

This will in some ways feel like tough love. It is that. And Love is the substance of all life and creation. This is you loving yourself, loving those who love you, and loving God who loved you first. God gave you life and expects you to live as a testimony of his love. God’s love never fails, it is loyal, kind, and generous. You benefit and are a witness to his life every single day.

God chose the heart to symbolize our connection between his love and our life.

For as long as you live your heart will never stop serving you. When we sin against the body, drinking excessively, eating bad foods, doing drugs, or just not moving enough, the pathways to supply oxygen to the body get blocked. The messiah said that the life is in the blood and the physical example of that can be seen as Oxygen. Amazingly, when the arteries in the heart are blocked, the heart creates new pathways so the body can survive. When we gain too much weight our heart gets bigger rather than complain about the burden. The Heart sends its love to the furthest reaches of the body to show that its love has no limits, and considers everyone on the planet.
The heart has four chambers creating a cross in the middle. There are two Coronary Arteries that are Gold in color that surround the heart. These are symbolic of the Crown of thorns placed on the head of the messiah when he endured the cross. And the heart is the only organ made up of striped muscle instead of smooth muscle. This is symbolic of the stripes the messiah endured on the cross so that he would resurrect a quickening spirit.

I Timithy 3:16 says, “Great is the mystery of Godliness, God was manifest in the flesh.”

The Messiah is the most outspoken example of this truth, but the only ones exempt from witnessing to it are those who don’t have a heart beating in their chest.

The heart is living proof that your life is directly dependent on the love of God.

That being said, I have very good news: God is on your side.

Simply by remembering who you are your body has the ability to heal itself. So it is essential to know that before you were a glimmer in your parent’s eye, you were a part of the ultimate source. And because God fell in love with his own imagination, through the act of “making love” you were brought into existence.

Because God loves you, he placed a reminder in your chest that continues to beat for you to know he gave his life, for you to have yours.

From the moment you read this your body has already begun to recover. Your brain is sending the message to your cells that you are a vital expression of love, the child of God, and a witness to that truth.

You will not heal by fighting Cancer. But its impossible for the Cancer to survive when it knows that you are love. The instructions from here on out are simple. Love yourself because God loves you. Love your fellow human because they are just different expressions of Gods love too. Love life, and start living. Your heart beat is the undeniable witness that God wants you to live because he loves you and there is no better way to show your appreciation than by living your best life.


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