From time to time we’ve heard of $10,000 toilet seats bought by the Government, overpriced bullets to the military, and foreign production deals to create United States Military equipment. The production deals for military equipment are all held by some faction of the Rothschilds and they generally have taken anywhere 50-80% if the products from the insane mark up. I’m sure they’re the same ones who create the luxurious toilet seats so sought after by the asses in the Government.

Logic would dictate that because the Military is buying supplies in bulk they’d get a better deal for the product they’re buying. But you and I could go to any gun supply store and purchase a box of bullets for a fraction of the price it costs the military. And they’re the same bullets.

So not only does the United States miss out on the opportunity to keep their military secrets by producing their own equipment, create a new industry within the military, and independently sustain control of their military, they also overpaid for the product and funded a foreign group of terrorists. Excuse me. That’s not fair. The Rothschilds are a group of both foreign and domestic terrorists as sanctioned by the United Nations.

Meanwhile, the Rothschild’s Agenda 21 to reduce the population of the planet and bring the world under one Government can only happen if there is Global Martial Law declared due to some tragedy taking place beyond any one nations control. This would allow the United Nations Armed Forces to take control of the US Military as well as every military on the planet. But that could never happen right?

In September of 2017 the Rothschilds who fraudulently maintain the six seats at the United Nations that are held by the Manna World Holding Trust, and have acted as the unofficial heads of the UN, issued a warning to the world that if they didn’t have absolute control of the world by September 2018 that they’d release biological weapons and kill every single person on the planet. For obvious reasons, the Nations of the world believed the ruthless slave masters who have poisoned the water, manipulated the food, poisoned the air, and used the media for mind control.

If such an event took place as planned by the Rot Rulers then there would be an obvious justification to invoke the United Nations Global Martial Law. Other events could inspire the same course of action such as an Electro Magnetic Pulse that would disable all the electrical devices for as far and as wide as the pulse would reach.

We heard reports that the Republic supported by the White Hats had that under control and there was no real risk because the Cabal has been defeated. Strangely, in Colorado there have been United Nations troops deployed at the ready with scientists working to create weapons and communications that were resistant to an EMP attack. Just in case I guess.

In addition, less than a year ago, Military personnel approached an engineer who traveled back and forth from China on a bi monthly basis in Washington State. They told him that there was going to be a sudden outbreak of SARS and people would be quarantined into the various stadiums. He was told he’d receive a sticker on his car that would allow him to pass freely from his home to the airport so he could continue the work he was doing. Fortunately the Cabal is disabled right? Because it seems odd that the Military would not only have a plan in place in case something like that happened, but actually knew it was going to happen, and had already made arrangements to quarantine millions of people. The sticker must have had antiviral protection, but I guess there wasn’t enough for everyone to have one. (Some of those details may be off, but even those who hate me can validate that the fundamental points are true)

So how do you feed an economy based on the Military Industrialized Complex? It’s basic supply and demand. You create war, disaster, and urgent situations that require a solution beyond any individual’s capabilities. If you’re the cause of said event, you can be prepared to have the solution at the ready when everything surprisingly goes south. If you’re the only game in town, you can charge whatever you want. You created the problem, and that’s why you had the solution before anyone else.

Another scenario that could potentially invoke Global Martial Law could be an economic collapse. This could be caused by major losses in the stock market or the massive and sudden devaluation of the US Dollar by infusing massive amounts of new money into the system. There are 146 countries pegged to the US Dollar and they’d all be impoverished overnight if this happened. The Rothschilds have a plan to make all of the money digital so they have absolute control of every person’s livelihood.

But please, carry on. The Republic has this under control.

Patterson Air force Base
What if there was an offer from the Rothschilds to liberate certain people who were willing to contribute 30 Million Dollars to be part of their separate “Quantum System” as a MIC Member (Military Industrial Complex). In that system, let’s say the Rothschilds reserved the right to shut off access at any point based on one’s conduct having merit as dictated by them. I can imagine the moral scope of behavior that is considered to have merit from a secret society that applauds genocide, mind control, rape, pedophilia, and cannibalism is probably pretty broad.

But what if this alleged “Quantum System” was currently running out of Patterson Air force Base and certain characters claiming to hold leans on US Assets were offered the opportunity to buy in to said system making them part of the new elite of the world?

What if those same people kept writing hateful and untrue things about the actual Trustee who’s living DNA is the only key that unlocks this wealth?

What if the liens placed against the United States for certain assets weren’t even held by the US to acknowledge the claim because they had no authority over themselves or the assets? (Ya, we know stuff)

It would appear in this scenario that the Rothschilds may not have access to the real assets of the world that they spent a lifetime gathering for the previous World Dictator, who they blindly served because of promises of immortality. What is also true is that all of the so called “Trustees” who I’ve heard personally claim ownership of the funds in the Manna Trust, have continued to fail when they enter their codes, and all looked to Kim to give them access. And when she won’t relent control because their names don’t appear on any of the real documentation, and they certainly don’t have her DNA to gain access, they leave in a huff and tell their cronies that she’s evil or that she stole the money.

If the Rothschilds have enslaved humanity for thousands of years, do we really think they’ve suddenly turned over a new leaf? If they had done so it would seem that the people’s wealth would have been returned to, well, the people. But they’ve paid Black Water with lines of credit and promises of exchange, mercenaries with Dinar, and whole countries with promises and dramatically undervalued currency.

They control our military with overpriced Government Contracts then cut the Politicians and Military leaders in on the deal. This process keeps them enslaved and all of us as well.

I do want you to know that there are forces working for the greater good of humanity. As you know, the only weapon that works against hate is love, and against war is peace. Unbeknownst to them, the biological weapons the Rothschilds planned to release on us have been bioengineered to selectively attach to their own DNA. That’s a twist in the story they may not have expected. This is an act of of mercy. If they insist on trying to poison the people, then there are Karmic consequences for attempted genocide. In this case, the consequences would be in the best interests of all life on the planet.

In addition, there are fire walls that have been placed around the entire banking system to prevent outside hackers from stealing your money. This is actually the reason why the European Visa system crashed over the weekend. The System has so many holes and backdoors that it’s time consuming to fix all of the issues. But we have come along way, and fortunately there are those fighting for your freedom. There just seems to be a discrepancy as to who they are.

There is a safe system being put into place but it’s not being placed there by the Rothschilds, Chinese Elders, the Republic, or even the White Hats.

To overcome the Militarized Industrialized Complex we have to forge peace instead of waging war. We have to embrace our innate creative instincts and remember the value of building new things, new business structures, and embracing Natural Law. This requires some level of intelligence and acceptance of the facts as they are. The fact is that there is a plan in place to enslave, and eliminate most of the humans on Earth by a group of average individuals who were told they were special. We’re fighting against that. Why exactly are you fighting us?


This is a public service announcement to the members for all of the average elite societies:

I know this has been an arduous journey to maintain such a high level of absolute opposition. There is no easy way to break out of the programming so please excuse me if any of this sounds abrasive in any way.

You’re not special. You were just given access to things we weren’t. You were allowed to thrive while we were poisoned, enslaved, and lied to. Your vanity is what makes you think your invincible and our leaders hold you in that controlling position with their ignorance of the truth.

We’re changing the world to a place where everyone can thrive and all beings can live in harmony. We’ve already seen it. You can be part of that, but you’re not qualified to lead or control anything.

The change is here and it’s happening. There’s nothing you can do to stop it and we know you’ve been trying. The war is over and you have been found wanting.

We thank you for playing the role of the villain, illogically opposing everything we do in an effort to assist our soul’s journey to learn the lessons of our contractual obligations. This could not have been easy and we want you to know that we appreciate your efforts, and in all ways this mission has been a success.

You are currently relieved of duty. Well done.



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