12:59 PM EST 7/4/2018

The summary at the bottom was posted, shared with Q, and since deleted. I know for a fact that much of this same information, if not all, was released months ago to every Intelligence Agency, Government, and Bank in the world by Kim Possible. My biggest issue with this (that I’ve voiced to Kim several times, even requesting that she give us control of one of the major banks) is that none of these established organizations appear to have done anything with it.

This is the reality we’re facing, and we are the only ones who can change it. As the world sits back waiting for terrorists to turn into saviors, the message has got to get out to penetrate the main stream. The Leadership fighting behind the scenes realize that there are different sets of rules depending on who is guilty of the crime. They are paralyzed. If they want to continue to have a voice they have to cooperate with the traditional methods of operation which have proven useless and ineffective. If they cooperate with these stalling control methods then their voice will never make a difference.

The key is Public Transparency. With seemingly limitless resources and control the Rothschilds and their extended network of sociopaths take the time to suppress the information released by a small production by Thomas Williams of the Truth Honor and Integrity Show, and even bury the content that a nobody, like me, shares.

They control the world with fear. They fear to lose control. With such simplistic goals and such an overwhelming body of evidence that they are guilty of, multiple counts of crimes against humanity, how is it that after months of having the information below, much of which was pulled directly from the Black Servers at the United Nations, that immediate and urgent action has not been taken to eliminate the Public Cabal Leadership?

It’s two parts: fear and control. People at every level of leadership except the very top have witnessed the willingness of the Cabal to do terrible things with no care or concern for the damages they cause. In addition, they’ve convinced many that they are Gods and that any action against them will have terrible repercussions. They live in fear, and we remain slaves.

They’ve had control of the financial system, the media, the stock market, and even our health. They can no longer manipulate the assets to make fake money from the market because the Quantum System has fixed the assets to their true value. Our health is improving as the added Source energy is being pumped through everything with a digital connection. They can’t even access the financial system anymore to create the illusion of the RV they’ve promised. They still control the media but even that will have to change.

What I can say for a fact is that every time they promise the RV, I can predict with 100% accuracy that they will attempt to kidnap and torture Kim Possible as they tried to do on Monday. And, they will find the best hackers in the world to give their best shot at hacking the firewalls of the Quantum AI System. As of now they have not even breached the first firewall.

So if they’re such a force to be reckoned with, and Kim is a nobody, then why waste such expansive resources to try and kill, kidnap, and force Kim to release the contents of the Manna World Holding Trust to them? Why would they need those funds if there’s all of these other Global Trust Accounts to do the RV? And if they have other resources to do the RV then why are they so inconsiderate of the suffering of the people?

They continue to try and register fake assets that they no longer have control of through fraudulent methods such as the Shanghai Gold Exchange, mirrored accounts, and useless Gold Certificates. But anyone in the know at that level can attest to the truth that the system is now rejecting every attempt to register assets that have already been registered and allocated to the trust.

Consider the information that has been provided below. There would appear to be no other option than to have a public trial of epic proportions exposing at least some depth of the corruption in a fashion that unites the people rather than turning it into a Civil Rights discussion for them to divide us over. When that much evidence is provided, it takes away the excuse from any authority figure who can help make a difference. But here’s the thing, most of the Leadership don’t care enough to address the elephant in the room for fear of getting their hand smacked, careers ruined, or loved ones hurt.

Our secrets are not a secret so it’s time to talk. We need to face our blackmailers, risk losing our jobs, and prepare our families for empty threats from well dressed impotent men. Our so called leadership should be ashamed of themselves for their pathetic and slow response to these issues. And we should be ashamed too if we are not outraged and revolting just based on the few details we have about the reality of these activities.

Good guys fight in the Sun. We know who we are, we know what we’re capable of, and we know what time it is. We have a prophetic vision of the world where the natural energy, power, and ability of the field is reconnected to the unified living beings of Earth. Our hearts cannot be broken. Our power can no longer be suppressed. Our message is not limited to this dimension and the darkness is being cast out by our light.

I want to encourage you to speak up and expand this reality to penetrate the dreams of the sedated. If they are still holding us hostage with nothing more than the perception that they are in control, then it is truly the first time in our lifetime that WE are the ones who are actually in control. We get to decide if we want to continue to pursue a short term comfortable lifestyle, within a limited society of public slavery, waiting for our inevitable demise, or to step into our power as creative beings, children of the Most High, and accept the burden of building a brand new society from the roots up, while the damaged characters left over from the old paradigm still yield significant power.

If you hesitated in your mind about what decision to make when you read those two choices, then you should stay home and read about us in the news. As for me and my house, we press towards the mark of the high calling. We are not concerned with the vain accolades of average men, nor will we change our course because of their criticism or acts against us. We are charged to change and revitalize the world. That’s why we’re here, right now, in this moment.

So our “Leaders” better get to work for humanity from the middle where they think they can straddle the fence. Because the Highest levels are working for the greatest good of the people and the planet. We are building a new foundation rooted in Love, Unity, Creativity, and Freedom. We are the roots and although the Cabal tried to break us, all they’ve done is expand our vision, sharpened our skills, and made us stronger. So we have expectations because we know the truth. Stand in this truth as a unified force. Stop wasting time consumed with issues that do not matter.

Make today the day you declared your own independence. Make it mean something to the entire world.


A very brief explanation of what’s going down this week. My profile is private but the post is public.

1. Q and Trump have received the contents of my server which include the following:

A. Entire DNC Server – Far more than exposed by “Gucifer2.0.”
B. Entire HRC Email Server including deleted emails, 64,000 total.
C. Entire Obama, Podesta, Biden,FBI, CIA, Email servers and attachment files. over one million files total.
D. Hillary, Wiener, Email servers with attachments.
E. Pizza gate files, including video, photos, and correspondence.
F. Entire file on Uranium One, including Russian Side
G. A Total of 3 Terabytes, and over 2 million documents.
H. Every donation to the Clinton foundation.
I. Every donation to the DNC.
J. Obama’s offshore bank accounts.
K. Clinton offshore Bank accounts.
L. McCain Bank accounts.
M. Every name, address, phone number, credit card payment of SOROS, employee donations to DNC, RNC. Yes republicans, Soros bought off. Anti-fa, Clinton Foundation.
N. Donations to Clinton Campaign from 19 illegal Foreign countries. Nineteen counts of campaign fraud here.
O. Complete Clinton body count over 30 years.
P. Classified Emails.
Q. Benghazi, Yemen, and Syria war plans between HRC, Podesta, Obama, Qatar Rebels, AlQaeda.

Sorry, I have to stop at QQQQQQQQQQ.

George M Nasif

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