If you’ve never come across The RUINER’s Blog, I highly recommend taking the time to read every post. I read it the first time about five months ago, and have grown so much since then, that reading it now is like a brand new experience. Shane (the Ruiner) was a Bloodline member, trainee by the Order. His insight to the inner workings of the Cabal are detailed on this blog. It is written as a support tool for others who had less of a complete understanding due to the manner in which members were compartmentalized within the Order.

Below one of the members responded to an article he wrote. I found their response to be accurate and valuable.

July 18,2015 12:25 PM
“The mirror of your subconscious are your emotions. Learn to feel and listen to them, without taking action because you think your emotions feel “good” or “bad”. Don’t suppress the negative or try and juice the positive. Let your subconscious have a conversation without “you” interrupting. We are programmed to lord over our emotions like an overbearing parent to their abused child. (as above so below).

When you listen, you will start to gain insight into what triggers you and why. You’ll see the programming and the learned habitual behavioral patterns. It requires you to surrender and accept the present moment as is… in all it’s horrific beauty. Don’t try and “raise your vibration” or “attain bliss” or “ascend” because those statements intrinsically say “I’m not good enough” and now you’ve fallen into the endless trap of trying to fix something that’s not broke (the trap of original sin). That’s the set up.

Our emotions hold our power… but they’ve been dammed up and used to generate electricity (loosh) for others. So before we can use our emotional powers we have to free them. Slowly dismantle the dam, and listen to the flow, let each feeling be heard, honored and understood… without judgement. It will be painful and overwhelming at first, but like everything else, you will get better at it with practice. The hard part is not acting on your learned behavior of trying to suppress the flow (“I don’t like this, it feels uncomfortable, make it stop”) and rebuilding the dam… and all of society and culture will gladly try and help facilitate that (medicate! watch this titillating movie! be a victim!).

Another word for unconditional love is surrender. Let the present moment be without trying to change it (including trying to stop your annoying thoughts, etc.). Just listen.”-Anonymous

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