“As the United States continues to promote consensus on what constitutes responsible state behavior in cyberspace, we must also work to ensure that there are consequences for irrespon- sible behavior that harms the United States and our partners. All instruments of national power are available to prevent, respond to, and deter malicious cyber activity against the United States. This includes diplomatic, information, military (both kinetic and cyber), financial, intelligence, public attribution, and law enforcement capabil- ities. The United States will formalize and make routine how we work with like-minded partners to attribute and deter malicious cyber activities with integrated strategies that impose swift, costly, and transparent consequences when malicious actors harm the United States or our partners.”

*Please, take note of the final sentence. “Strategies that impose swift, costly, and transparent consequences” which will be applied to violations against the United States and their partners. The United States is a partner of the Manna World Holding Trust. To block transfer entering into the financial system designated for projects that directly affect the people is a violation of this new cyber-security strategy.

The “Banks” have used syphons within the financial system to steal money transferred into people’s accounts. There are currently 19 Billion Dollars in transfers sitting in US Banks that have been approved, and cleared, by the Bank of International Settlements, the United States Treasury, and Homeland Security.

Every country in the world is aware that the United Nations is broke and it’s known that the traditional funding sources of the Rothschilds and the Chinese Elders have no access or authority to release any real allocated funds.

According to the Cyber Security Strategy referenced above, this creates a scenario that should invoke swift, costly, and immediate consequences. Currently, no authority has been able to impose their will on the banking cartels to release these funds.

If the Rothschilds actually have the ability to block these transfers indefinitely then the world is in a very dangerous time in history. If this has been an attempt to offer them the opportunity to coexist with a mission to restore the vitality of the planet and integrity of the people, then they are guilty of treason. These acts of treason apply to everyone who has been complicit in their anti-human activities.

I believe that President Trump is for the people, and the Executive Orders and various other plans he has set in place indicate that he is a man of action, and of his word. He has also demonstrated the strength of character to hold his ground despite a controlled media working for the enemy, the deep state conspiring against him, and a questionable past that has been used to try and blackmail him.

We are at a crossroads. We will not be executing “humanitarian projects” as this is a term used to describe the appropriate treatment of humans during times of war. Although the Order continues to press their agenda to initiate a Civil War to cause a World War, we are no longer under Martial Law. We have already begun to initiate Human Empowerment Projects to support the successful funding, development, and execution of projects and ideas that work for the greatest good of the people and the planet.

I want to remind the authorities rooted within the Government that you are supposed to be for the people, by the people, and of the people. You are charged to enforce the laws and regulations designed to protect the true ideals of the American way of life. The Order has already demonstrated that they represent a clear and present danger to the country, operating as domestic terrorists to enslave, injure, and oppress the American people. They are a threat to the economy, the health, and the progress of the American people.

I propose that the Rothschilds and all known and unknown associated partners operating according to their perverted elite ideals are allowed to submit themselves to authorities for crimes against humanity and be shown mercy by the US Government. This offer should be effective immediately and end today at 3:00 PM EDT. All those submitting themselves and cooperating with the authorities will receive lenient treatment for their crimes. All those who resist, should be removed by force, and tried for Treason by a Military Tribunal, as stated earlier this year in the Executive Order issued by President Trump.

This request is in line with all legal aspects of the United States Government’s laws and regulations. These guidelines were designed to protect the people, fight terrorism, and to protect the integrity of the Nation.

Either the Government runs the country by enforcing the laws, or the people will have to seize control by any means necessary. We are currently infiltrated by terrorists. These entities are making a mockery of the US Government’s authority over them, defying repeated orders to release this funding. Their actions have made it clear that the Deep State has seized control of the bloodline of the world’s financial system through the manipulation of the banks.

These violations are public and obviously illegal. The threat is no less urgent than a bank robber with a bomb strapped to his chest robbing a bank. The time to act is now.



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