Seriously? Did you even look at the date on here? Let alone READ the content before you posted? Of course …NOT, you cannot help yourself, Einstein. TRUTH: Some Company from 1998 used the word Manna in its title and had an SEC violation you are now associating with the TRUST? Just because both have the word Manna in the title? The word Manna also exists in the Torah and the Bible are you going to accuse me of being some biblical character also? So here is the ENTIRE filing, against some California company, I had no affiliation with:

“Back to the Shadows, Kim” by Cinemo Galactic – 11.20.18

This is the ENTIRE LINK to the lawsuit you speak of …to a company I have no affiliation with.

The TRUST, is NOT an LLC, did not bear the name “Manna,” until 2015. That company has the word Manna in its title and is 5 years old. That company was formed in 1998 (easy to find).

The COMPANY listed here has ZERO affiliation with the TRUST. You can look on the California Corporation website and find there is no owner named Kim.

This is as if saying some woman named “Mary” had an SEC filing and yet, there are 100,000 people named Mary in the United States, and they all are in trouble? No.

May I suggest, if you are going to throw “shade,” you at least first READ,” FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD.” The Alternative Media is starting to become more like CNN every day! FAKE NEWS!

Happy Holidays!

Kim “Possible”

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