21 November, 2018 08:34


Seriously? Did you even look at the date on here? Let alone READ the content before you posted? Of course …NOT, you cannot help yourself, Einstein. TRUTH: Some Company from 1998 used the word Manna in its title and had an SEC violation you are now associating with the TRUST? Just because both have the word Manna in the title? The word Manna also exists in the Torah and the Bible are you going to accuse me of being some biblical character also? So here is the ENTIRE filing, against some California company, I had no affiliation with:

“Back to the Shadows, Kim” by Cinemo Galactic – 11.20.18

This is the ENTIRE LINK to the lawsuit you speak of …to a company I have no affiliation with. https://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/2014/comp-pr2014-60.pdf

The TRUST, is NOT an LLC, did not bear the name “Manna,” until 2015. That company has the word Manna in its title and is 5 years old. That company was formed in 1998 (easy to find).

The COMPANY listed here has ZERO affiliation with the TRUST. You can look on the California Corporation website and find there is no owner named Kim.

This is as if saying some woman named “Mary” had an SEC filing and yet, there are 100,000 people named Mary in the United States, and they all are in trouble? No.

May I suggest, if you are going to throw “shade,” you at least first READ,” FOOLS RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD.” The Alternative Media is starting to become more like CNN every day! FAKE NEWS!

Happy Holidays!

Kim “Possible”

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  1. comin out of the woodwork to be seen and dealt with micro/macro. each time you tackle that task, as you do, i learn more and then see more. thanks.

  2. @ TRS, whoever u r: Kim posts a thoughtful rebuttal to a ridiculous assertion from a dimwit and you wish to be unsubscribed? Bye. Anna von Rippemoff attacks Kim and people applaud her. Not me, of course. I tried for months to engage Anna and her sidekick, Paul, but they would not return my emails until i openly challenged her on some of her most absurd statements and outright lies. Kim has been much more gracious to that miscreant than i would be at this point. Thing is, Kim, most of what you say is impossible to verify. Much is beyond the realms of comprehension for most of us, but you don’t sound like a crazy woman, even when speaking of “Marduke”, DNA and such. You seem to be rational and sincere, but when you claim to be the Trustee of essentially EVERYTHING on earth, i have to say, “Bullshit!”. Even if “Marduke” really existed and was basically what you say he was, up to the point of him being the former Trustee of EVERYTHING, that doesn’t mean his claims or yours are true. I recall from reading the appropriate transliterations of Biblical scriptures in the Book of Genesis that Elohiym created the heavens and the earth, that THEY created and constructed mankind in THEIR image, that they said, “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it, and have dominion”. Now THAT was describing the creation of the First Trust, but the job of Trustee was never given to anyone. It was always an individual assignment to EVERYONE, conditional upon their stewardship. That stewardship was in four parts: 1) being fruitful, i. e. making productive use of your time and energy; 2) multiply, i. e. create new wealth, an increase (the word has nothing to do w/ sexual reproduction); 3) replenish the earth, i. e. be a good steward: don’t clear cut the forest, hunt out all the game, over fish the waters, etc., it means to be a good caretaker of the earth and let it rest as in the land Sabbaths; 4) subdue it, i. e. become its master with love and affection as a good shepherd. Then and only then will you have earned the right to Dominion.

    Coercion and conquest are words of warfare not stewardship. From what i’ve understood of “Marduke” and the alleged history to which his story pertains, he was never a steward of anything, much less a genuine trustee of everything. Hence i find fault with your claims, not because i think you are any of the evil things attributed to you by the Rippemoffs, but because i think you inherited a fraudulent title. I think you are sincere and genuine in your desire to help, but i do not believe your Trusteeship is valid because i believe the Trust to which it pertains is a fraud.

    That being said, if you are to be taken at your word, and i do, it is my firm belief that you should be allowed to exercise your will in returning all property allegedly held in trust by you to all the people of earth, equally. A sort of Quitclaim Deed to free up the titles to EVERYTHING for the benefit of EVERYONE. How do you do that? I honestly don’t know, but i stand with you in spirit and in truth.

    1. I agree with you. Kim, you say you want to help us, so help. I’ll give you my name and address. I’ll even give you my bank info. You can direct deposit the funds I am in need of so I can move on and help the homeless.

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