12:53 PM EST

•The military is waiting on the Chinese to release the RV. Does this seem odd to anyone else?

•The RV is supposed to go again today, this weekend, tomorrow, and so on, and so on.

•The “new system” (which completely tries to bypasses the real system and real assets to create fake currency using ledgers that have already been allocated somewhere else) was running yesterday, which is basically a hacker out of Hong Kong who spent the weekend trying to get into the Manna Trust. So basically the alleged “new system” is nothing more than trying to find a way to circumvent proper channels to access the old system.

•So the report that the Wells Fargo exchange software at the exchange centers was freezing over the past few days because of DOS- Denial of Service hacks was not exactly true. The “new system” is the actual source of the hacks trying to access the Manna World Holding Trust.

•This weekend the UST tried to access the Leo Wanta funds which were blocked by the Trustee. Why? Because those funds are Cold War funds and if used by the U.S. it would start a nuclear war because they were stolen from Russia.

•To the thinking Military who spent the day yesterday disarming nuclear threats, allow me to propose a question: Is there a bigger nuclear threat than using stolen Russian funds to hydrate the U.S.?

•The U.S. Military on some level is being managed, at least financially by the Chinese Elders because the Chinese Elders illegally took possession of the U.S. Military equipment and have further paid their salaries for the past two years and have been leasing them back their own equipment.

•There is a solution and has been made known and available to the U.S. Military and the U.S. Government at the highest levels. It returns power to the United States and would seem to be the most logical course of action for a free nation to pursue. The Chinese Government has already agreed to the terms of this solution. But still we wait for the Chinese Elders to give us permission to move forward. Huh?

•The Jesuit Order are called the “Bankers of Death”. They create wars and profit from them. Seems oddly familiar to our current situation. This game was supposed to be over December 23rd, 2017. But apparently there are still some Jesuits influencing people in the strongest places. So strong in fact that repeated intelligence reports, and financial reports are completely ignored because one or two people in power make a claim with no evidence at all.

•The ZIM notes were supposed to be made invalid as of February 28,2018. Thy day is rapidly approaching but I’m sure the timeline will be extended to keep the game going until complete annihilation if the world economy is inevitable.

•The Chinese Elders have tried to register the in ground assets of Zimbabwe to the Shanghai Gold exchange several times over the past few years. Those assets can’t really be assigned to one country like that.

•The reality is that Zimbabwe, Iraq, Ecuador, etc. to name a few use the US Dollar as their currency. Why? Because the in ground assets of those countries were given over to the Federal Reserve years before in return for US Currency. So if those assets already have been allocated then how can a new currency be created by people who don’t have the right to mine them in the first place?

•Just as a side note, literally every person who claims to have access to the Collateral accounts, the Heritage funds, the M1 assets and so on, has been given the opportunity to enter their codes and draw down their liquidity with absolutely no results, accept for one who has never been given the opportunity to enter her codes and draw down funds- The Trustee to the Manna World Holding Trust, since 2012.

•The same one has been cleared by Homeland Security, the Secret Service, the United States Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control, and several banks I’ve spoken to first hand.

•What exactly has been cleared? Proof of funds, proof of authority over said funds, actual allocation numbers attached to funds, proof of identity, proof of clearance, proof of ownership, and proof that most would rather die waiting on a fairy tale than live heroically and face the truth.

•But don’t worry, the last Trustees to the Manna World Holding Trust are in Reno this weekend to release the RV. Rumor is they were shot for nonperformance. Not sure they can be taken out that way, might want to take the head.

•This report is actual intel. To the very best of my ability these statements are accurate from the highest levels with some comments reflecting my own personality and disgust with the situation. I want Human kind to be free. I want to be able to trust those in charge. I want our leaders to act with the best interests of the people in mind. I know that the hate bloggers and NSA minions will come out and start writing all sorts of slanderous nonsense after this to try and discredit me so be sure to really compare the quality of this intel and their evidence that what I’m saying isn’t true. Examine your vibration when you read it before you assume that the discomfort you’re feeling means it’s wrong. It might just mean it’s right and the discomfort your feeling is the painful heart ache of being lied to. But you aren’t being lied to by me.

“The first thing you have to do to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”



Received 1:56 PM EST 2/18/2018

On Sat 17 Feb 2018 JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ, who Fisher quoted on RTC last Thurs eve 2/15, just confirmed Kim as trustee of Manna WH Trust, & said the codes are real not bogus and the liquidity is real!!!! Obviously claims by Fisher, Rand, and others that Kim is a fraud are completely erroneous and uninformed. TANK AND KIM WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!!

Anna may not like Kim and Manna Trust, but Anna confirms Kim is sole trustee of the global accounts that COULD AND SHOULD provide LIQUIDITY TO THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION & UST for the RV release & exchanges NOW! Kim has tried to provide that liquidity to UST & Trump but HAS BEEN BLOCKED!!

What Judge Anna doesn’t seem to realize is that the Rothschilds, cabal bankers, and the Chinese Elders have FOUGHT AT EVERY TURN and INTERFERED with Kim and Manna’s efforts to release liquidity into the US banking system for use of the Trump administration and for us the people waiting for the RV exchanges, just as Kim has said in her posts.

It is time we demand (and pray) our Republic military (Pentagon, Dunford, John Kelly in the WH, etc) and the Trump administration (UST, Mnuchin) DEAL WITH KIM AND MANNA to release the liquidity to us the people and STOP BELIEVING THE LIES of the CHINESE ELDERS AND OTHERS who have CONSTANTLY TOLD US and OUR GOVERNMENT that the RV,GCR is TOMORROW, TOMORROW, ad nauseum, but HAVE NOT & WILL NOT BE ABLE to RELEASE THE LIQUIDITY NECESSARY!

Kim has TRIED TO RELEASE LIQUIDITY to the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION for the RV exchanges BUT HAS BEEN BLOCKED by Gen John Kelly in the White House and by cabal leaders like the Elders, Cheney, & Kissinger, some of whom have posed as fraudulent Homeland Security agents & told the banks to block Manna Trust wire transfers for the Trump administration!!


Judge Anna’s words confirming Kim are quoted directly below from her Sat 17 Feb 2018 post. The numbered statements immediately below are from Thomas Williams, who works with Kim & Manna Trust. Thomas is challenging Judge Anna Von Reitz’s PAST CRITICISM of Kim. The statements below in brackets [ ] are Judge Anna’s responses that confirm Kim as sole trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust and confirm the accounts are real and Kim’s codes are real.

3. Kim is a fraud but twice she asked to work with her, explain that.

[Judge Anna Von Reitz: I didn’t say that Kim was a fraudI confirmed that she was appointed Trustee of Manna World Holdings to the best of my knowledge. And yes, I also confirmed that she has had trouble with scam reports, which is obvious and all over the internet. I think you have a somewhat biased impression of actual roles here. Kim is supposed to release the trust assets back to the people and the countries to which the assets actually belong. I am one of those who have led the charge to force the exposure and liquidation of The Trust, most particularly, by laying claim to all the American assets that are owed to the actual American states and people of this country and ending the phony “abeyance” of our government. As such, she and I have to work together and it is begging the question of who is “asking” to get this done and who is responsible for doing it. I have asked her on two occasions to get off the fence and do what she is supposed to do— (1) Turn over the accounts that are owed directly to the actual American states and people so that we can restore the 3141 counties and 50 republican states to full function and (2) Rescue the hijacked Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust assets which were improperly traded instead of being disbursed to the actual Beneficiaries who had already WAITED for OVER 200 YEARS to receive any benefit at all. On both occasions, she “shined me on” and did nothing. So as far as I am concerned, none of this gets settled until she settles with the actual American Government and with the American Indian Nations. It should be her concern to get in contact with me and with Michael Young and do justice and work with us in that common cause.]

4. Kim and codes are bogus she says, yet her partner in the now appears rogue bank asked for the live codes from Kim, if both are bs why did they ask? explain that.

[Judge Anna Von Reitz: I didn’t say the codes were “bogus”— they are real enough, and they part of an old, ugly, dishonest system of banking that needs to go away. So I guess there is a distinction to be made between whether they work in a practical sense, and whether or not they are honest and whether this whole situation should exist at all— which are two very different topics. There are plenty of things that are actual and factual— like bank codes and accounts— which have nonetheless been instruments of fraud in the past and which because of that fraud, should actually be null and void, even though we all have to continue working through that matrix until a real settlement can be reached.]



The whole post by Anna Von Reitz titled Now, I Am Mad. Officially. SAT 17 FEBRUARY 2018 can be read by clicking on the link below.



16 February, 2018 17:10


It has been a while since we spoke. I could include your emails on here where you threatened me for refusing to issue bonds off inground assets in the United States to you (not the people) but I will not as there is nothing productive that will come of this other than showing people how negative you can be. Further, I was also forwarded emails from other associates totally unrelated to any dealings you and I have had with the same threats you made on their lives for not conforming to your wishes. I retained all this for my records just incase there was any thing “real” behind your threats.

Maybe we should discuss the fraud by your associate Mr. Young and his attempts to assign these same assets over to the “Chinese Elders” both in Las Vegas in August of 2017 and on his trip to China only just a few months ago when he called me asking for codes/assignments. (Yes I still have a copy of all those text messages). Why you expect me to help he/you/Bank of Dene assign inground assets to the “Chinese Elders” to the tune of 14 Trillion or some crazy amount? These are inground assets in America. The answer was no, so go ahead and slander away I do not care. I did the right thing, and have all this in writing from the two of you.

Your lashing out at me publicly comes as no surprise. I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into your rantings of something you have little knowledge of, however your point is very unclear. Is there a purpose to this? Are the people any more free because of what you write about me? Do you have an alternative solution to get these people what they are owed? Then go right ahead and get it done. Ignore the fact the Trust exists (or does and does not according your posts) and get to it. Get all the people all the assets you claim to have access to by whatever means you desire, just leave me OUT. After all I am “fraud” according to you anyway.

For those of you that care for a response to Ms. Anna;

1) I did not get this position until 2012, AFTER Rothschild etal “Trusteeship” expired. I was not a “terminal operator” for Rothschild as you had stated. If I were, then why would they be blocking me? I mean after all they should welcome me into all their banks with open arms if I worked for them right?

2)Yes I am aware of Mr. M, I am aware he died, and I am also aware that we the people took the trust back from the theives, no thanks to you and any of your letters to the pope, Trump or Santa Claus nor any other entity you may have written letters to. I can assure you the writer of Draconian Law was not you it was him and the one that wrote it is dead. How do I know that? Because I was THERE..

3)I wear 7 hats and hold multiple positions, only 1 has to do with any “money” and none of which have to do with anything which you speak of. So why don’t you do whatever it is you do, and I will do what I do.

Unless you want the plethera of emails you have sent not only to me, but also people I know, posted on here then I suggest you keep me and the trust out of your postings. Next time someone forwards a “slanderous” email from you about me (got copies of those too) I will respond with the zip file of emails from you and Mr. Young.

Other than that I wish you success in all your endeavors Ms. Anna Von Reitzinger, AAA (formerly AAIA). Please leave me out of your repertoire of postings and business as “Judge Anna”. I will certainly be leaving you out of mine.

Best Wishes,

Kim “Possible”

“Where are We” -Intel Update

“Where are We” -Intel Update
by Kim-Possible

Many of you are asking where we are on Tank’s (and others) transfer? This will give you an idea. Also, I am going to apologize in advance for the “tone” of this update, but it’s only because I “strongly dislike” these “cabal stooges”.

As many of you are aware the “RV” did not happen as yet with only a few tricklings of rumors that “some guy somewhere exchanged”, however that person (much like the “elders”) does not come forward, is always “nameless” and then a new date is set for the “lay folk” as in anyone who has a name, fogs a mirror and isn’t from the “land of oz”. Who is that wizard guy anyway? Are these “RV/GCR/Dinar” folks really the good guys? Who is the Alliance? Hmmm. I will explain.

So everytime the “RV” doesn’t happen every single bank I am working with gets a call from the “cabal stooges” telling them they are from homeland or some other govt entity and not to work with me. I will tell you who that is in a moment, but let me first explain. Yesterday I cleared compliance and today I didn’t.. Same old crap. The cabal’s bill was due yesterday, The Fat Guy, whom I have affectionately named “Humpty Dumpty”(because he is round and has taken a great fall), most of you know this person as Henry Kissinger shows up in Trump’s office and pleads on behalf of his cohorts (who shall be named below) for 24 hours. Ok fine, that brought us to today. 48 hours ago the bank did all their verifications of funds, received US Department of Treasury Foreign Asset Control Reports and were very satisfied with the Trust, from their compliance department’s lips to my ears. So flash forward to today, the bank is saying now they can’t help us. Why may you ask? I will explain with great pleasure out on the internet for the whole world to see. Will they attack me for this? Oh probably, but hey what have I got to loose?

Although I am used to this (and normally race against the RV clock) because if I get my transaction closed before the Dinar is to pay out and the Government is being promised yet another date for funding (along with most governments) then I am golden.. If I pass by an RV date then poof next day deal is dead. It’s the truth and now some of you are seeing it first hand.

So today I got a call from a Colonel (a real one), now I know this person, said he had a project and wanted to help veterans. Sounds Good Right? Well, here is the rest of the story. A) He works directly for Dick Cheney B) Using the back door to the USA financial system to block funds and steal funds for Cheney and C) Carries a current homeland security badge (how does that happen?) You are about to learn how…

Let me introduce you to “The Alliance” ever watch that show Nikita? I think it went off the air in mid 2000’s. Great Show and I think you can catch it on Netflix… All of the “agents” that work for the “alliance” believe they work for an intelligence agency until they find out they don’t.. Interesting show, and yes, the wing nut that runs the agency is just as crazy as the one in the show, and truly just as evil. In the show he is run out of the Alliance and goes to work for the World Health Organization and is searching for DaVinci’s secret to immortality. In real life he works intimately with the UN, thinks he is immortal already, and has no problem with killing us all off.

The Alliance as it is named in the show, is known in real life as the OSS Society. Located in Rockafeller Center and Washington D.C. “The Good Guys”? Here is a little history. Good Guys and Girls you need to know.


They work for what you guys call “The Bush Foundation” also some of Skull and Bones (the society is split). This is your run of the mill private little army who runs around killing people for personal gain of the OMEGA.. aka “The Bush Foundation”. Now Bush Sr. is virtually a vegetable, Jr. never actually ran anything and certainly can’t run this group of folks, usher in Cheney. Ah yes, besties with the Clintons and Satan Spawn Extrodinare.

So Cheney is running around trying to control the world’s oil, took over for Bush Jr. on the board of the Golden/Black Dragon Family and he is the one that cut that deal Tank discussed yesterday in his report regarding Military Funding from the “Chinese Elders” (from the right hand to the left). Since Mr. Satan Spawn is on the BOARD OF THE BLACK/GOLDEN DRAGON FAMILY they too enjoy full use of the OSS Society. Ah, hello Neil Keenan, who is it you really work for? The Emperor is Naked. Who shot Reagan? Ah, well I can not confirm or deny any named persons above.

So lets move on to today, today was a momentus day for us because their eyes and ears must be severely hampered at this point.. They CALLED ME and asked me who I was working with, they did manage to kill one bank off for us that they could find.. The rest are yet to be seen by the end of the day. That means they don’t know!! Whoo hoo we have a shot! They also asked me who my contact was with the Trump Administration (yeah ok folks). Seems the OSS may be slipping? Is it possible that all of YOU on here have outted them? They don’t have access to intel centers on military bases anymore? Well Hallelujah! Way to go Good Guys that read this!!!! Thank you to Tank’s Military contacts and anyone else who helped make that happen! God Bless you and your country thanks you! Back Door to the USA Financial System/Stock Market may FINALLY be closed!! Now that would be a glorious day!

So may God Bless you Mr. Cheney the way you have blessed all of us! Next time don’t send The Fat Guy in to see Trump, he is smarter than that. Maybe he should go see Gorbachev again, just like he did in 2015. Nice running into you Fat Guy in Moscow! Putin is also smarter than you, so am I.

I know most of you won’t believe me, call me whatever you want.. That was today, we now know no one will get paid until Cheney OSS Society etal gets their 400 Quad in Dinar paid out so they can continue ruling the world with their “New Computer System” located in Paraguay on the Bush Ranch. Oh what a lovely new system it is, unfortunately it doesn’t run for very long does it? Shame really. This, if they have their way, will be the “new off ledger system” to hold “dinar funds”. Further, if any one of the “Good Guys” reading this would like to know the source of the Human Experiments, people in cages, viruses gallore.. Look no further than Paraguay Ranch. “Q” Anon, there is your answer about big Pharma. Like I said DO NOT let them hold your funds off ledger!!! If and when you exchange, cash only please, on n account or in hand that you can spend. If you can not feed your family with the spendable cash you receive then you do not want it. That is only a suggestion. No more cash for TRN/USN or any other currency you can not spend at the local grocery story. If any of those become a currency you can spend at Walmart? Then sure, until then no.

May God Bless the Republic, The President, The Good Guys in the Military and Agencies and most importantly the 99%. We ARE the 99%!
Back to work for me.. They got 1, but they didn’t get them all.

-Kim “Possible”

“The Truth”

“The Truth”
9:44 PM EST

•The Military told us that exchanges started this morning at around 6:30 AM EST but 800#s hadn’t been released YET
•Other sources told us that the 800# release process had been finalized they were releasing them by region, and for us to only call that number (because somehow they want us to believe that releasing the 800#s was the problem the whole time. So thank goodness they got that mystery solved)
•They used their most convenient corrupt scape goat, Wells Fargo to tell us they were doing VIP exchanges, again.
•This whole exchange process is supposed to do away with that type of elitist treatment. Remember? “All go or none go.”
•The truth is that no one is exchanging and you can prove it for yourself. Name someone who is ACTUALLY liquid. I don’t mean someone who handed their currency over and WILL be liquid on Monday. I mean someone who can actually buy something. And if that person exists then ask them to call me because their information is very valuable to our law suit because it could actually force the banks to exchange us. But they simply can’t because they don’t have liquidity.

•The “Deep State” (of ignorance) was given until today at noon to release liquidity or the Government was going to work with the Manna Trust to get liquidity.

•Last night the Deep State/Elders tried to access mirrored accounts at HSBC in London that have no REAL liquidity or ability to be moved.

•This after a week of desperate hacking attempts trying to access and control the real Quantum system.

•It’s amazing to me that we are all still in utter stagnation waiting for this transition to take place. It’s even more disturbing to me that at the top of the ladder they either don’t possess the power or they don’t have the understanding to see that the constant promise of liquidity from the Elders/Rothchilds is not going to happen if they’re expecting them to follow through.

•It is very clear at this point that they don’t have access to the accounts where these assets have been allocated.

•Today the Trust liquidity appears to have been delayed because Kissinger made one last plea to President Trump, leveraging the that the Chinese had paid the US Military to vouch for their character and make it seem as if it would be a poor political move for him to make such an enemy.

•When in reality the Chinese Elders leased back US Military Assets to the US Government based on a line of credit they received from the Chinese Government.

•And the Chinese Government have realized that the Elders are not coming through with liquidity even now as they watch the world struggling to survive.

•The hope is that as these leaders wake up to realize the depth of this deception that their pride will be put aside for the greater good of the planet and the life in it.

•There is an agenda to destroy the world’s economy and swoop in and offer a solution to look like the savior of the world.

•They work both sides of the war so they can control the outcomes and always come out on top.
•On one side the “Tomorrow Game” allows them to win by starving the world of liquidity with promises that it’s coming-tomorrow. Governments, banks, businesses, and regular people see numbers in their account but aren’t able to move those “funds” anywhere.

•Those are mirrored accounts. And the image in a mirror only moves when the source creating the reflection moves.

•The other side constantly pushes the RV satiating us with every delay by telling us the rates are trading higher and money is flowing like a waterfall, but again, there’s nothing there more than digital movement.

•If they’re forced to RV, they’ll have to create the illusion that they’re bringing massive amounts of asset backed funds from off ledger, to on ledger. If that was done in the way it’s been described to us, the value of the dollar would be almost nothing over night.

•Either way the Cabal has positioned themselves in such a way that the economy gets destroyed and they get to come in and save the day with some kind of bail out.

•The solution on one side is to force the world to use their nothing backed Fed Coin as the new world currency. This is just another “Crypto Currency” backed by promises and lies. This enables them to have complete control of the monetary system without even having the expense of printing up money.

•The other side always talks about the asset backed currencies including the TRN. We all know this as the Treasury Reserve Note. You may not know that that term is actually referring to the World Treasury, not the US Treasury. So they’d win that way too.

•Essentially what would happen is that either way it goes, if everything goes according to their plan, they’ll remain in control by creating a new monetary system without ever really backing the currency with assets or a legal allocation number.

•Here is the problem: In 1975 every country, royal, elder, or any individual who’s approval was needed signed a treaty committing their in ground assets to the Manna World Holding Trust to create the high speed monorail train. This train would increase exports all over the word as well as force collaboration of every country to work together.

•At this point the currencies we hold have not been made legal tender. They don’t have an asset that actually backs them until they’re given an allocation number assigned by the Trust.

•It’s would be like me having $200 in my bank account and I write a check to Mr. X for $200 and then a check to Mr. Y for $200. Mr. Y won’t get paid because the asset that backs the check I wrote has already been allocated to Mr. X.
So what I do instead is ask Mr. Y to hold on to the check until I deposit the rest of the funds. The only problem is that I can’t get access to the funds because the way I’d normally get them has been cut off from me.

Now in this scenario, I’d be given a different way to get the funds but I’d have to accept the loss of control of my account, and give up my position of power over Mr. Y.

Now if I refused to do what I was told to do to get access to the funds because I didn’t want to give up the way I had gotten them before, then I’d have to keep coming up with new excuses to tell Mr. Y for the reason he could see the check but he couldn’t cash it yet. One way would be to come up with a completely different way to pay Mr. Y by convincing him that some useless thing I COULD give him had value.

You can see how this type of scheme could get out of control quickly. And hopefully you can see how that’s exactly what we’re going through right now.

•The Rothchilds WERE one of the Trustees on the Manna World Holding Trust. They have not been since their contract expired in 2012. They’re still trying to convince every government in the world that they are the ones in control. This is a lie.

•And because they can’t have the wealth they’ve stolen from the world, they’ve created alternate ways to withhold it from the people.

•Kim is the sole signatory and Trustee to the Manna World Holding Trust. When she goes to do a push wire transfer the transfer bounces around from different locations. Each one of these locations has some human element that can be threatened by the Rothschilds, or it has a way to be hacked.

•However, by using a Swift 2 Transfer Terminal which is commonly used to transfer money between Governments, a ledger to ledger transfer can be done safely and securely in minutes.

•At the bank where such a terminal exists Kim would provide the account where the money would be drawn from, the code that she generates in real time, the amount, and the Homeland security designation. The Trust has its own designation which appears as “the Unknown Country” and all transfers are international.

•The bank enters the information and Kim’s credentials actually show up in the system. This requires the highest level security clearance on the planet to access this trust and it easily proves that Kim is the Trustee.

•The bank can also order an OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) Report to validate who has the authority to release money from these accounts and again this will prove that she is the sole authority to release these funds.

•So what the Rothschilds do is control the very top of certain institutions who have access to the Swift 2 Transfer terminals. They either promise them that they’ll be included as equals as part of the New World order, which will never happen. Or they threaten their lives and their loved ones so that they don’t cooperate.

•Meanwhile, the bankers become terrified by their habitual risk mitigation practices ensuring they aren’t going to anger their slave master that they think has control of their destiny.

•The truth is that once the bankers reconnect to their own humanity, like their children, then they’ll also realize that they aren’t creating a path to freedom and prosperity for themselves. They’re enabling a tyrannical anti human agenda to stay alive, while they possess the power to save the world in a matter of minutes.

•There will be a revaluation, a financial reset, and some kind of exchange. It might not be the way we thought but we are breaking through every day.

•But we have to unite to get this done and face the reality. We have all been deceived by professional liars on all levels who have spent a life time playing both sides of every war. This is not a wild scheme but a way of life for them. There is no shame for us to have been wrong.

•There is shame in us staying wrong.

•Not to put any pressure on anyone who may read this, but the fate of the world is really in the line. The Cabal knows they can win if they just hold out until March. Then the entire world will be desperate for a savior. And that’s what they’ll be. Saving themselves at our expense.