When facing the juggernauts of our darkest imagination It is easy to feel as if we are going completely insane. The only thing that keeps us present in ourselves is our sense of purpose, and the innate knowledge of our unrealized potential, and latent abilities.

For one to connect with this universal truth it requires us to believe in ourselves when it seems that all hope is lost, no one can help, and we ourselves are to blame. When surrounded by a cloud of doubt, criticism, and darkness, a light will shine in the distance, giving just enough illumination to take one more step in the right direction. Rather than be consumed by our sadness we can emerge from the fog by focusing on that light. The light in that moment is the revelation that we cannot expect anyone else to believe in us, if we ourselves do not.

And If we can look the juggernauts in the eye, land on rock bottom, and instead of being crushed by our own weight in the fall, use it as the foundation to create the bridge to our salvation, then we can transmute our self inflicted moment of despair into a magical story of our glory in battle.

Then, this once immovable force that destroyed everything in its path will become nothing more than one of the many enemies we faced in a thousand years of love and war. These battles are being waged in our consciousness sculpting the character and reputation that reveals the powerful creators we truly are.

If you are in that cloud now, open your eyes. Find the light. Take one step in its direction focusing through the cloud of your own version of insanity. What you will realize is that the light you are following to escape is emanating from the love within you. And you are the savior that you were waiting for the whole time.


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