2 May, 2018 10:36


by Tank


Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

What is true?
The truth can be hard to hear if you’ve already committed yourself to a lie. However, if one truly seeks the truth, it’s important stay focused and open to correction. There is no power lost in being wrong, only in staying that way once we are made aware.


•There is an event that has been reported by several alternative media sources that is supposed to free humanity from financial bondage.

• This event has not occurred.

•There are many things that people on the our level are not aware of.

•There are activities that imply that the alleged Agenda 21 to eliminate a majority of the human race is still in force.

•Humanitarian organizations get blocked by banks, while funding for drug dealers, human traffickers, money launderers, murderers, and other elite criminals continues.

•The average person is not allowed to take a bottle of shampoo on the plane, but somehow planes are loaded up with poisonous chemicals to spray into the atmosphere on a daily basis.

•Laws exist, but are only applied to certain people.

•The people are told that laws are written to be applied the same way to everyone.


•Kim-Possible has the authority over the Trust that holds all of the major assets of the world.

•She is the only one who can access it, or the Quantum System

•She’s the first person at her level of authority who has been an advocate for humanity

•We’re being offered freedom, and most of us are rejecting it in leu of a promise from an unknown party who has never delivered.


•Providing funding for every country in the world for a High Speed Monorail Project because the world was on the cusp of a global economic collapse due to the lack of liquidity.

•Offering to enter one’s credentials vs. another’s credentials using the same terminal to prove once and for all who is the one with the authority to access and distribute the wealth of the world

•Saying that you’ll do something, then actually doing it.


•Lying to people every day for ten years behind a shrouded veil of secrecy, claiming to have the authority and intention to release money to begin the exchange process, never performing, then claiming that it’s the vibration of the people that isn’t ready, a computer glitch, or, that everything must be 100% safe before they will be able to perform.

•Trying to take credit for things that other parties have done for the people

•Violating contractual agreements to return the assets back to the people after failing miserably at achieving their One World Government

•The cowards who sit in seats of authority knowing the truth, but not willing to stand up for humanity over those who look to kill and enslave us

•Blocking and cancelling accounts of benevolent people and organizations, while funding Global terrorism

•Making a living off of people who have nothing because they think you have inside information

•Enslaving, drugging, and misinforming an entire society, then blaming them for not being in a better situation because it has been their choice to remain slaves, knowing that in the state they’ve created, said society could never make solid decisions because they have no idea what’s really happening.


•One leader on the highest level fighting for everyone to have their freedom, even when the same people continue to allow her to be blocked at the face of every bank, and offer no support after she funded every Government in the world

•My daughter. (She’s magic)


•Our plans to create a new world where everything operates in line with Natural Law, people have equal power to the Government, and suppressed technologies are released to the world


•Creating a false narrative that leads people to believe that the planet is overpopulated and causing negative environmental impacts then, devising a secret plan to eliminate humanity, and getting the same ones to think it’s their fault and that the answer is reducing the number of people on the planet.


•Having no military protection, no financial resources that can be accessed, no support from Political, Military, or Banking authorities and finding a way to get money into the hands of the people who make decisions in the best interests of other people. (real leaders)


•There are many working behind the scenes to ensure that humanity isn’t killed off or enslaved.

•There is only one who had the ability and authority to let that happen.

But instead, she took on the entire Order alone, because she believes that Humans and all those enslaved have the right to be free.


•All of the so called leaders of this world who know already, but can easily run an intelligence report to confirm who the one person is with the authority to release and disburse the assets of the world back to the people, but instead, choose to make decisions out of the fear of consequences from former Trustees who no longer hold any real power, because they failed to meet the goal of their sinister agenda, or the same leaders that are making selfish decisions to protect their reputations that revolve around promises or threats from the same anti-human former authorities who can not deliver on either.

And right now as I write this, every country, bank, computer expert, and member of the Order in the world is scrambling to explain and counteract what just happened over night. But I can’t talk about that yet.

For those who say I’ve lost my focus because I no longer support the disinformation train fueled by the GCR, take a look at the evidence and consider who you’re supporting. I have already considered these things.

I stand for, and with the only leader I see, who stands for, and with the people. That authority is about to become very evident to everyone.


13 Replies to “2 May, 2018 10:36”

  1. Tank, you said awhile ago that Kim only needs access to a SWIFT type 2 terminal, (if I recall correctly), and she could make the funds available for the people. Where does one find such a terminal?

  2. Tank, one thing I understand and one thing I don’t understand.
    I understand completely your explanation about the bad guys wanting to continue their control of everything and their refusal to accept or help Kim. I don’t understand why Kim funded those evil same people and how she was able to transfer funds to them while the banks here are refusing to release her funding. You are speaking of two things that does jive.

  3. Ooooo Tank and Kim … Love you Guys …..
    I may know what has made all those Banky’s Etc start scrambeling around … Ha Ha … Light Troops have been sent out in Force to Back Kim in her Work ….
    I won’t name names BUT Some real Biggies in the other Relms
    Sending Love from the Light Worriors … WE ARE Winning

  4. Tank, I am very grateful indeed that you introduced us to Kim and set the record straight on who the Chinese Elders are. Even Anna Von Reitz told us they were just more Rothschilds before you did.
    You have brought forth some valuable intel and truth.

    That being said, I am still dumbfounded that any of the bad guys are still allowed inside of the banking system. It is clear that you’all know how to arrest them., Several have been taken away in handcuffs, so who is still left. Dick Chaney? Arrest him. Some high-level banker? Arrest him. Why hasn’t this been done?

    Also, why did Kim fund a high speed railway? To me that is the most useless project she could have come up with. It looks like a pure Cabal project. What good is it to the people who are hungry and homeless. It serves only the rich. When is she really going to fund the people? There is a disconnect in logic here. Every country has poor, homeless, hungry people. Why did she not send all of those countries the funds to relieve the people’s problems. The same amount of money she allocated for the railroad could have been allocated for the people. Why did she do what she did.

    When do the people get funded? That is important to me. And when do we really arrest the ones who are stopping it. That is an easy solution since you have the best of the best alliance warriors in service at this time. They are doing a remarkable job.
    They ARE supporting Kim as far as I can tell.

    1. What exactly is the purpose of the rail system anyway? To Feed the hungry?? Having one person with that much control of the finances is to me another hidden slight of hand? Time will tell all

  5. Blessings, Kim and Tank. You have been doing the work that no one else will. I have nothing but love and gratitude for the giving beings that you are, and for your efforts, which are no less than Herculean.

  6. Renee I agree with you 100%. I don’t understand why Kim funded that monorail because that is a form of funding the cabal.

  7. Why the Monorail… Why the Monorail ????? .. It was a way in for Proof and … It’s a construction project for the world … MANEY JOBS for the Poor …. Not everything is Direct …. LOL

  8. There is a whole bunch of frightened and weak minded people in positions of leadership,
    And I’m sure that there are also ones that are strong and would do the right thing for the World and humanity but they are surrounded by scared and/or corrupt advisors giving poor guidance,
    And the Planet is swinging back to the Light and DIVINE Justice/Will
    Judgement Day is coming for all the bad actors

  9. What was used to fund the world wide monorail. Fiat or asset back and if you can’t get in to help mankind how was this achieved.

  10. Can I get funding to fix the street dog problem in Thailand? Which is out of control.. or maybe to get high speed rail here? They have talked about it.. animal protection seems like a better idea?

  11. Thank you very much I look forward to these. Thank you for being a voice for so many.

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