•The Government shutdown has nothing to do with the wall.

•There is NO MONEY to fund the budget to run the Government.

•Mnuchin has defied several Executive Orders to allow funding to come in for projects to develop technology, disaster relief, housing construction, infrastructure, free energy, and even cures for diseases.

•The Rothschilds have repeatedly tried to blackmail, threaten, bully, and force the UST to accept an illegal USN/TRN and revalue fraudulent currency.

•The US Banks are all insolvent. Unable to pay any debts.

•They are currently surviving by “Kiting”.

•The Federal Reserve has no money to bail out or lend the US Government.

•The Federal Reserve has been declared a failed Asset with the Manna World Holding Trust AKA. “The Unknown Country” and this rejected their charter and calling in their 342+Trillion Dollar Debt.

•The US Debt has been forgiven by the Manna World Holding Trust which has always been the Master Trust containing the world’s assets including the entire Federal Reserve.

•Every effort to stop these funds from coming into the country for projects and to fund the Government is an attack to enslave and eliminate 90% the human race on planet Earth.

•The Gold Standard is inevitable when the Trust is able to bring funds in. All of the currency held in the Trust is backed by real assets and attached to allocation numbers registered in the Global Quantum Financial System.

•The US Government has seen and knows that the assets to back the world’s wealth is held in vaults that only the Trustee has access to.

•The mission of the Deep State to devalue the USD has been foiled, and their UN Agenda 21 can no longer be executed.


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