2 January, 2019 01:47


•The Government shutdown has nothing to do with the wall.

•There is NO MONEY to fund the budget to run the Government.

•Mnuchin has defied several Executive Orders to allow funding to come in for projects to develop technology, disaster relief, housing construction, infrastructure, free energy, and even cures for diseases.

•The Rothschilds have repeatedly tried to blackmail, threaten, bully, and force the UST to accept an illegal USN/TRN and revalue fraudulent currency.

•The US Banks are all insolvent. Unable to pay any debts.

•They are currently surviving by “Kiting”.

•The Federal Reserve has no money to bail out or lend the US Government.

•The Federal Reserve has been declared a failed Asset with the Manna World Holding Trust AKA. “The Unknown Country” and this rejected their charter and calling in their 342+Trillion Dollar Debt.

•The US Debt has been forgiven by the Manna World Holding Trust which has always been the Master Trust containing the world’s assets including the entire Federal Reserve.

•Every effort to stop these funds from coming into the country for projects and to fund the Government is an attack to enslave and eliminate 90% the human race on planet Earth.

•The Gold Standard is inevitable when the Trust is able to bring funds in. All of the currency held in the Trust is backed by real assets and attached to allocation numbers registered in the Global Quantum Financial System.

•The US Government has seen and knows that the assets to back the world’s wealth is held in vaults that only the Trustee has access to.

•The mission of the Deep State to devalue the USD has been foiled, and their UN Agenda 21 can no longer be executed.


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  1. Happy Abundant New Year!
    Let us pray the world will transition in peace and we sweep away all the negative forces that have interfered with our lives for so long!

  2. Congratulations Tank. Thank you Kim. That is a great victory, and well worth celebrating. Love from Pat and family.

  3. Awesome !
    Thank you Kim for making the decisions you’ve made on our behalf. You have been steadfast in your resolve to see those decisions through.
    You have earned our trust and respect.
    Tank, your help along with Tommy, as members of “The Team” have shown by example the integrity that comes from taking the high road in your respective capacities.
    Personally, I have watched and learned through the last year, Kim & the team act knowledgeably and impressively on all accounts. I have the utmost respect and admiration for each of you.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart up through the lifelong giver you’ve inspired in me. We all owe our future, in fact our existance to you !
    All my love and future gifts to you, our worthy examples oflife as humans !

  4. Could someone or preferably “Tank” please tell me what role “Tank” has in the operation of MWHTrust and what position he holds in the Trust. Thomas Williams and Kim don’t recognize him as a contributor at all, yet he op-eds about it frequently…. Curious George, NV~USA

  5. So, now the question remains when are the funds going to be allowed in and does it depend on the removal of Steve Mnuchin? Because the way I see it we must have a reset. How long can this go on for? Could Tank/Kim give an opinion of worse case scenarios of them holding off as far as what may happen to the citizens in the USA?

  6. How can one man stop a people from doing anything the people want?
    Maybe we should arrest this man.

  7. Fantastic Kim and Tank!!
    We edge ever closer to the final liberation of Earth.
    The game is over but not all the pieces are in alignment.
    We keep pushing the light and clean energies where needed
    Especially the Vatican, The City of London and D.C.
    Your sane voice and steadfast resolve has been a blessing far greater than the Manna Trust. Much gratitude!
    Onwards and upwards for 2019.
    all best, Vanguard ‘circle of light’

  8. I hear what you say, and am elated! Love you and Kim for your determination and resolve and love for humanity…

    Question, if the banks are so doggon’ broke and dishonest, and corrupt thieves, and thus the reason for so many suffering due to lack of funds, when will their harmful practices stop. Each day prices are rising for items people need to maintain life, health and other basic needs….yet the banks are stealing whatever they can from already impoverished and elderly people. I am not as concerned about what might be planned to alleviate the suffering, but more concerned about blatant theft of funds from their customers who are counting each penny to survive. Yes it is that bad! What will stop the bankers. If the doors for arrests are open, will the bankers be brought through them? How long can they be given the freedom to prevent the healing efforts associated with the Trust?

    I went to the ER this week and was given a medication to treat congestive heart failure, I was admitted to the hospital for treatment but was told I didn’t have congestive heart failure, I was given and antibiotic to address the congestion/infection in my left lung, but they stopped the antibiotic and I was told I wasn’t ill. I was given 100 mg Cortef injections for my adrenal insufficiency and it was stopped abruptly, I was told I had no need for it. Yet, I still had shortness of breath, was coughing and felt weak, the edema in my legs was somewhat alleviated with Lasix and I was sent home to work through a life-threatening mood swing due to the abrupt stop of Cortef in response to hospital protocol.

    I drove 2 hours to see my PCP for the hospital discharge follow-up and was given several medically necessary referrals. He observed that I had been neglecting to ask to see specialists that might have been able to provide medical support and prevent the emotional and medical harm I had experienced during my recent 48 hour hospital nightmare.

    I concurred that I had not sought treatment for myself as I am unable to cover the $40 co-pay for specialists I need to see. I have neglected to ask for referrals to see and schedule appointments with my oncologist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, pulmonary specialist, as well as my dentist.

    While watching the slow but successful draining of the swamp, I have been attempting to survive without complaint, all the while watching the evil continue to steal life from children, poison the population and experience what many elderly experience, hopelessness!

    This month I will see specialists, next month I won’t have the money to follow through with their recommendations. My bank was able to take almost $200 this month from my Social Security check because of an $8.00 math error I made. Go figure. We know what the cabal can get away with, and we know the effect it has on their victims. I am weary of being a victim, as are so many others. With all the technology, the support of military and of the President, with all the time and effort and dedication of Kim and team, I know there is a way to stop the evil. But time may not continue to be a luxury for many.

  9. blessings to you all from Bulgaria, we are the change together
    thank s for all your outstanding job
    love is the ultimate power, and it will more and more appear for mankind

  10. R U & Kim still going to fund individuals for half million $ to pay debts, morgages etc. Iknow everything has to fall into place to happen

  11. Question Kim, I read somewhere that the USA? via the Trump Administration? was sold Wells Fargo from your Trust’s holdings. If this is true, then why are you not able as a part of that sale agreement to use Wells Fargo banks to handle your financial transactions. If these banks are usable, just remove any bankers that won’t comply, replace with non corrupt people and get on with distribution. Unfortunately, I know nothing about these types of banking financial transactions myself, so no value there. What I do is provide ministry to heart cries of people in need of spiritual restoration in the Body of Christ through the work of Holy Spirit.

    Kim, I am sure there must be some honest banking types that would gladly step in and get it done for the good of the US and the world. Maybe our military can assist? Just a thought. Also, perhaps removal of Treasury Sec Mnuchin? I hear thru the grapevine lawyers were hired to keep him on the job. Don’t fire him, just lay him off with pay and send him on a extended vacation, then use White Hat Patriots in his place. I have no known pull with our President, but seems you might have connection to make these suggestions.

    In Jesus’ Love Kim, Tank and Team,
    Doc Brown

  12. Perhaps the so-called debt of the people should be forgiven (eliminated) before the US debt is forgiven. Also, “debt forgiven” sounds as if someone was given something when in fact the whole “system” is based upon fraud to begin with. Perhaps the direction of this so-called foregiveness should be: You have been defrauded by the “system” and therefore any so-called debt is no longer valid and never was valid. The term “foregiveness” eludes to people actually getting something when the actual truth of the matter is that it was fraudulently done to them so why give the illusion that they are actually given anything? Seems a bit backward to me in the matter of truth telling.

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