SPEAK INTEL UPDATE “Domestic Terrorism”
9:43 PM EDT 9/19/2018

•The Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust has offered the banks 10 to one in USD to replace any Corporate Accounts the Rothchilds pull out as threatened retaliation to the banks for obeying the laws and direction of the United States Government.

•The funds held in the Manna World Holding Trust have now been approved clean and clear by Homeland Security, BIS, the UST, and various other agencies.

•On September 19, 2018 the Senate approved a massive spending bill for the US Military and civilian agencies for $854 Billion for operational expenses until 2019 to avoid Government shutdown

•US Banks are still operating with zero liquidity, while holding over 19 Billion Dollars in Government approved funding which has legally been cleared within their institution.

•The Federal Reserve is currently not operating as their license has been revoked and their legal authority to hold USD has been taken away.

•The Rothchilds were unable to return liquidity to the banks as promised on September 18th,2018.

•As a result the RV reported to start today did not begin exchanges. The RV as reported will not take place.

•As of 9:47 PM EDT September 19th, 2018 the banks have still not credited the receiver’s accounts for project funding. They are currently guilty of treason against the United States and the American people for failure to obey the direction of the United States Treasury.

•In addition, there is discussion that banks will be brought under National Control due to noncompliance with Federal Banking Laws, gross negligence in their fiscal responsibilities which places every American citizen at risk, and failure to pass stress tests conducted by the UST and Bank of International Settlements showing that the banks are insolvent.

•The Banks are currently operating as a terrorist cell within the United States borders (Domestic Terrorism: using fear to achieve a financial, political, or ideological aim). They are openly defying the US Government, bringing into question who is actually running the country. Agencies and authorities have failed to enforce transfer regulations that directly affect the US Economy.

•The Banks’ actions to defy the US Government are a declaration of Civil War and Domestic Terrorism as clear evidence has been presented to demonstrate the legal approved activity and authority of the Manna World Holding Trust to transfer funds into the United States.

•The latest Executive Order makes statements regarding the enforcement of all United Nations Sanctions to block their finances and access to the Country. Current sanctions have been levied since May, 2018 against the Rothchild’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Rockefeller’s, Bush’s, and various other members of the Dragon Families, for acts of Genocide and crimes against humanity.


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