The Banks Have No Money and the Government Doesn’t Enforce Laws

The United States Banks and banks worldwide have had their liquidity reduced down to ZERO. Think about that for a moment, how does that effect you? You may still be able to get money out of the ATM, write checks, and pay bills online, but how? The fact that we’re still able to conduct business, as if nothing has happened, is a witness to the fraudulence of the entire system.

How is that possible?

The banks are currently issuing credits against nothing. It’s a data entry entered into the system with no legal authority. For a long time, the Rothschilds had “mirrors” up making it seem as if there was actual allocated funds in place. Last Friday, September 14, 2018 when the Federal Reserve had their license revoked, all of those mirrors came down.

The banks have believed lie after lie from the Chinese Elders AKA the Chinese faction of the Dragon Families. They have promised to provide liquidity based on the revaluation of currency, which was only devalued in the first place because of wars the Order started, and values they manipulated to enslave and stagnate different segments of the world. However, after years of failed attempts to hack into the back ledgers, launch new financial systems, and take control of the system, it should be abundantly clear that they do not have the knowledge, authority, or ability to fulfill their promises.

Today, the Rothschilds have promised that the liquidity given to them, by every US Bank two weeks ago, and placed into their fabled Super Computer, the “Hercules Quantum Financial System,” will be returned by 3:00 PM EDT.

This will not happen.

In all likelihood the Rothschilds are expecting to have success by bringing in funds from the Vatican Bank. In their ignorance, they still think that they have secret pockets of funds that are not contained within the Manna World Holding Trust. However, every single USD that has an allocation number attached to an asset is registered to the Trust.

The real Quantum System, that actually controls the Financial System but has many other uses, will automatically reject any asset that has already been registered into the system. The system notifies the party trying to bring said asset into the system with a message that says, “Cannot duplicate.” It rejects the entry of such an asset, because it already exists in the system, and is deemed counterfeit. The off-ledger accounts held by the various banks are also recorded on a Master Ledger inside of the Trust. The UST and the BIS also have the same ledgers accounting for all of the legally allocated funds on the planet. When the Hercules System, which is essentially a Microsoft Data Base/Hacking Instrument, tried to bring the assets back into the banks for their liquidity, it crashed by the hand of the Quantum System, in approximately 12 minutes.

Held within this system was any record of the duplicated assets that were providing liquidity to the insolvent banks around the world. Furthermore, the assets were taken out of the closed loop system, and could not be brought back on ledger regardless of the status of the Hercules System. For those of you tracking, you may be asking yourself, “Why would the banks trust the Rothschilds?” This would take up entirely too much space at this time, but it goes back to the Illuminati practice of Cultural Guidance and the specific usage of brainwashing and dependence they have created in the banks.

Moving along, we find ourselves in a pivotal moment in Human History. The Banks have no money and the Government does not enforce laws. The United States Treasury (UST) and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) have already cleared and verified transfers into three United States Banks, for over 19 Billion Dollars in project funding. As a result, one would think that these transfers would have been credited to the appropriate accounts, for fear of the repercussions of the US Government. Unfortunately, after the full force of the FBI, the OCC, and various other banking regulators have stormed the banks demanding them to credit the accounts, as of 11:30 AM EDT today, there is still no resolution, and the account holders have no access to their funds.

In a logical world where laws apply to everyone regardless of their status in society, a bank recognizing that they themselves have no money to function, would be overwhelmed with gratuity that a legal source of funds came into their bank at just the right time. In essence, these funds would be just the beginning of a worldwide financial recovery, an opportunity for several institutions to salvage their business, and the start of a newly founded independence from the rule of the self-proclaimed royalty of the banking cartels.

In the current world where we live in, it is becoming embarrassingly clear that the US Government is impotent or indifferent about the rights of the people. If a US, Citizen has the legal authority to have a bank account, and make a living, should they not be allowed to receive a legal allocation of currency that has already been approved, by the two highest authorities in the country. A registered contractor for Homeland Security has actually taken complete liability for, any and all, transfers that come from the Manna World Holding Trust. This act indemnifies the bank from any liability of fraud because the funds have already been cleared.

So if receiving funds from the Trust currently poses no financial risk to any bank, and in fact will in many cases actually save their business, then what would motivate them to block transfers designated to accounts held in the bank?

Currently the Rothschilds are threatening the highest officials in the banks that they will remove all of the corporate accounts from these institutions, the bankers will lose their jobs, and they will never work again. To me this threat seems silly. The Rothschilds do not actually own the banks, the Trust does. There is no real money in the banks, so why would it matter if they remove Corporate Accounts that hold fake funds? In addition, if you really want to work, we’ll gladly provide you with a position that reasonably compensates you for your skill set. At the moment, if these bankers decide to hold on to the hope of the Order winning the final battle, they will suffer much graver consequences including being tried for treason.

Today I have a transfer for my own project funding that has cleared at TD Bank. The account says that it has cleared but not credited. The initial receiver of the group of project funding has worked for the White House, the CIA, and the FBI. As the UST and the BIS watch carefully, deciding the fate of these various insolvent and belligerent business practices conducted by the banks, we wait for them to press a few buttons to release our funds.

It’s not about the money.
Seriously, it’s not. It’s about freedom. These funds release all of humanity as they enable us to shift the power from self-made elite slaves, back to the free humans of Earth. In this world, money plays a significant part because it represents the total assets of the planet. Having money represents a small portion of this Earth that belongs to us, and empowers people to be whatever they want to be. Money has ruled us because the people who controlled the money wanted to be worshipped as Gods. However, that does not make money evil. It just means that they wanted a different version of the planet where there were less of us, and the remainder of us would work as their slaves.

You can still live on the planet if your selected to be one of their slaves. You can live in fear and scarcity for about 10 percent of the actual life span that you could enjoy. You can be limited in your understanding of the unlimited possibilities of life, and restrained from ever exploring the possibilities of your own innate power.

That’s one option.

The second option enables you to be Sovereign. You can have money and use it in harmony with the greatest good of the planet, the people, and the individual human experience. Many decisions have been justified by the previous warlords by sighting the “best interests of humanity”. The problem with these definitions is that almost any genocidal act of war can be explained away by the prejudicial perspective of one making decisions for the masses. This is why it is so essential for us to consider, the magic and beauty of every individual human experience, allowing our differences, diversity, and uniqueness to hold the same value that each life represents.

You can be free. The banks can hold our money and act with integrity. Governments can enforce laws that seem obvious and ridiculous to ignore. We all have a choice and that includes Government Agents, officials, generals, soldiers, mothers, fathers, bank employees, and anyone else who lives here on this planet. This choice is being made right now in our allowance and acceptance of the current behavior of the banks and the Government to abide by laws and regulations designed by them to ensure fair and legal business practices, protecting the people and the integrity of the Nation.

Our choice is between slavery and freedom.

As for me, I choose to reject the mediocrity of the successful slave life they’re offering, and pursue the fullness of my being instead. I choose to be free and explore the limitless possibilities that God has to offer, and reject the interference of those seeking to control me. I choose to remember who I am, be the best version of myself, and help others to do the same. I choose freedom.

We all have a choice. Choose wisely.


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