15 September, 2018 12:22

9/15/2018 12:21 PM EDT

•Fraudulent reports that the RV exchanges had started in Reno abound since Thursday

•The RV is not going to transpire over night. Over time currencies will revalue as the markets and the world peacefully transition power back to the people.

•As always, whenever the RV is reported to have begun, there is an aggressive hack on the REAL Quantum System. This ended in the wee hours of the morning. It was not successful.

•If you would like to know what’s actually going on I’d recommend listening to Thomas Williams, Truth Honor and Integrity Show from September 12th, 2018.


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  1. Thanks Tank. I listened to it once. It is about the bad
    bankers or their controller. Pray their meeting w the Treasury helped them to repent. Please pray for all, especially the protection of the behind the scene, team of the trust.

  2. “How the QFS Measures Intent” by Fireswan – 9.15.18

    Posted: 15 Sep 2018 01:28 AM PDT

    Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 3:33 AM EDT on September 15, 2018


    Gaia’s gold has an energetic signature.

    Every gram, ounce, bar for mined, processed above-ground gold.

    Every nugget, vein, alluvial deposit, piece of ore for in-ground gold.

    Gold certificates have been made for every bit of the actual physical gold that has been “deposited” into the QFS. The currencies we hold have serial numbers associated with these gold certificates. All is accounted for and is already reconciled when the certs were made and electronically placed “in the system”.

    It is all Gaia’s gold. She is the Sovereign “owner” of ALL of this gold. All of the gold is “stamped” with her signature.

    Nova Gaia owns the gold.

    Using a hashing algorithm, the energy signature of Gaia’s reclaimed gold combines (resonates) – or not – with the energy signature of an organic human. This human has to be of Gaia’s flesh and blood (born her) and the human must have a soul.

    The unique frequency pattern of the human comes from the I AM Presence of the embodiment (soul-body-mind) of a living person.

    The hashing algorithm determines if the gold signature and the human signature combines (or not). Think mixer on a recording studio mixing board. Are the frequencies amplifying each other or cancelling each other out?

    A person with a high vibration (Sovereign) hashes with a large amount of Gaia’s gold. You could say that she’s trusting that person to take care of Her resource to put it to good use to aid in her ascension and the ascension of all of her kingdoms including her beloved humans who need to learn how to live again. To co-create again. To love again. To use their minds, hearts and souls to inspire and bless and care for Her, each other and Heal the Soul of the World.

    The QFS just runs the hashing algorithm. Think of a mixing board in a musical recording studio. The mixing board itself doesn’t evaluate the sounds played through it. Sounds go together or they don’t.

    Can you and Gaia “harmonize”?

    Gaia is ascending to a very high vibration as the first planet of LOVE to ascension out of 3D WITH all of her kingdoms, including her precious humanity. Those who are trusted to assist and support this process (and lead others) are HER Sovereigns. The meek inheriting the Earth.

    The ones who hash with large amounts of Her Gold.

    We have in our mythology examples of being Gaia’s chosen ones. Think King Arthur pulling a sword out of a ROCK. Think Moses who tapped his staff and the Sea parted. Think Yeshua/Jesus calming the storm. Examples of hashing with Gaia, although much less geeky than talking about hash graph algorithms.

    Sovereigns start the RV because they start the block chains. They’re the first to hash with Gaia’s gold for distribution. It is their responsibility to discern the best uses that will do no harm and benefit many. Think the head waters from where a major river flows.

    Not everyone will be able to handle the spiritual “weight” of a huge amount of gold. They won’t be Sovereigns. They’ll participate in some Sovereign’s block chain. This is not a bad thing. Everyone will get exactly what they’re meant to in their exchanges.

    Higher not Lower


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