12 September, 2018 04:25

Dear TJ,
I only post when I have verified facts. The matter you described has not resolved yet. When it does resolve, and I understand it, then I will share what I know.

You’re more than welcome to find an alternative source of funding for what ever it is that you feel your entitled to. I’m certain there will be other ways to get the Capital you need to go and change the world.

In the future, I’d appreciate it if we could discuss these matters privately so I could give you some insight that would alleviate your concerns and potentially provide a more complete perspective.

As it stands, I’m not sure if you’re a troll trying to get a rise out of me, or a fringe follower frustrated by the journey. Regardless, you’re obviously my boss because you gave me a deadline within which I had better perform, so I didn’t want to let you down.

You may not be aware, but I don’t solicit donations, sell products, or allow advertising in association with any of the work I do. I don’t concern myself with being popular, well liked, or the opinions of total strangers either. I want to change the world and its cost me everything to be a part of that movement.

That’s what it cost me to be “trusted to bring about the wonderful changes”, as you put it. It cost me everything. So perhaps you could respect the journey we’re on together and redirect your energy into something more productive.

And if you actually follow me enough to know what I’m sharing, then you know I hate to give energy to these nonsensical distraction techniques. If you’re about the mission, then please don’t respond and just let your anger die out rather than perpetuating more misguided feelings of disappointment and fear.



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  1. It is so very sad how one after another looses his/her nerves over waiting for this increadible transformation to finally happen and based on a lack of signs for progress some start blaming others for a frustration no one should be blamed for. And by lack of movement we loose our ground of confidence and companionship. Let’s not go there!! I always tell my friend: we are walking through an icy blizzard like those people back in WWII in Stalingrad did, but the ice storm is well disguised. We need to stick together and let us be guided by the brilliant light in our mind displaying the transformation as a function of natural law, knowing that it is simply a matter of standing clearly in our shared understanding and our decision that we are the ones to make it happen – in unity.

  2. The following is the opinion of the author and is not meant to instruct or demand a response of another.
    An insight to resolve:
    Discerning truth is not a work of anger, it is an adventure of the soul. Only God knows the and reveals total truth. Begin the adventure by asking Him for direction. On the journey one will discover a path, find peace in the places where evil does not rest and finally discover what is being sought.

    Confusion gives birth to anger. Heaven knows, there is more confusion lately than a human may be able to handle. The phenomenon is that humans will find what they are looking for and if concentrating on problematic issues will find them.

    Waiting for the fruit to appear when you are hungry makes it difficult to bare pain in the stomach. As the pain radiates it can become critically debilitating. Those valleys are beginning to exist for a greater number of humans each day. Still, as the heart beats the living being must choose its’ path. It is a moment by moment journey that becomes more arduous when confusion and anger are allowed to influence the path one is traveling.

    When truth is discovered, a human will be set free from anger to find new paths to meet the demands of his pain. Life’s journey is challenging.

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