I don’t believe in “what if’s”, Plan B’s or failure.
Darkness is not my enemy and light is not my totality. All things work for my good even when they’re uncomfortable, ugly, or inconvenient. I know that God is real and I’m no more than an expression of the vast Omnipotence that emanates from that source.

Unlike the God described and believed in by so many of us, who exists outside of us, needs us to ask him to do things for us because he’s either sadistic in that he needs us to cry out for him before he’ll help, or he doesn’t know what’s going on so he needs us to inform him, my God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnifarious. My God doesn’t make mistakes.

God doesn’t create a human ignorant of who they are, where they came from, and what their purpose is, then accidentally leave a tree filled with forbidden fruit in the midst of a literal Garden of Eden with only one rule-Don’t eat of the tree in the midst of the Garden. For when you do eat of the tree, you shall surely die. There are no accidents, hence the word “when” rather than “if”.

There is a purpose, a pattern and a plan and it’s being executed flawlessly. Now if that is the case we can take comfort in the knowing of our heart, of our selves, and our intention. At least we should be able to do that. This guides us to release the anxiety attached to our current reality and press towards the mark of the high calling. After all, God placed our eyes in such a way that we can’t see ourselves in the moment, forcing us to look forward.

If we can be present in the victory of the moment finding ourselves whole in the midst of the storm, conscious of our role, and guided by a divine calling, then there is no thing that can contain the power of our vision from being materialized from spirit.

It is the unerring accuracy of the Universal translation from the abstract to the concrete that empowers us to create a world only dreamt of in the depths of our secret imagination. It is romantic and exciting with powerful obstacles that have brought out the best and the worst in all of us.

We are not waiting for something outside of ourselves to release us from the shackles of a failed experimental reality. We are either breaking ourselves free from the chains of our own minds or choosing to remain bound by our programmed beliefs.

But remember, it’s a choice.

God didn’t make a mistake. He put the tree in the midst of the Garden so that he could show forth the powerful nature of his own substance to overcome impossible odds that he himself created.

I know we want to fight that idea. It’s natural. But how else did the Serpent beguile Eve if he wasn’t created to be so seductive? And why put a serpent in the Garden of Eden in the first place? So either God is all knowing and intentionally placed the Serpent in the Garden with the nature to deceive, or there’s another source of creation than God. Therefore, even our deception and our darkness originated with God.

But the key to our liberation is to examine our own selves to see that we be in the faith. So can we accept the innate reality that we have always had the potential to be and have experienced all aspects of good and evil? Light and dark? And the most essential part of this moment to move forward into a new age is not to forgive, but to accept.

Accept the weight of responsibility needed to be accountable for whatever it is that we’ve experienced because of what we’ve already created. And accept the burden of learning from that to create something new.

The next moment is the most important. Everything relies on your next thought being the foundation for all that our world becomes. Choose life.

And make that mean something.


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