10 July, 2018 20:01


A friend just called and told me they were having a horrible day, to which I responded:

“Never say that. Take a deep breath. Picture the light coming into your heart. You are one of the few people on the entire planet who gets to create a brand new world. Your thoughts, your dreams and your reality is what the world will become.

Focusing on what is, will only give you more of your horrible day. Take another breath and let that go.

Take another breath and focus on who you are and reproduce the beauty of that spirit. Now imagine what a beautiful place the world will be with more people like you in it.

Now accept that to be your reality-today.”


3 Replies to “10 July, 2018 20:01”

  1. Greetings from Australia. Well said Tank! The incoming energy pulses, under intelligent control, from Galactic Centre, are hitting six figures on the hertz scale. They only last for a few hours. They are being sent to awaken our DNA and to cleanse away the rubbish in our physical bodies. They are also scrambling the brains of the servants of the deep state etc. whose awareness is only in the 4th dimensional band – they are being offered a choice to raise their vibration. Hang in there everyone the discomfort passes. Lemon water is very helpful and don’t feel bad if you suddenly need to drop into a nap. Love to all. Fiona

  2. For da LORD (YHWH) has given me from HIS SPIRIT, which giveth me LIFE (EXISTENCE) & I am ur REFLECTION as u are mines…WE reflect da LIGHT of GOD…so, let’s SHINE our light onda rest of da WORLD !!! Lord Sintis inda building
    …& I’m out !!! #SALUTE

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