10 January, 2019 23:54

Manufactured Crisis”

A quick update about the Manna World Holding Trust as TANK explains the real motivation behind the resistance to the border wall, and provides insight into various aspects of what’s needed to get to the next level for project funding and the liberation of humanity from the control of the Deep State.


One Reply to “10 January, 2019 23:54”

  1. Thank you so much.

    This made me go on a rant on my Facebook page.
    So many people want, but when it comes time to spread awareness of dirty stuff, they pretend they don’t know.
    I loved your writing. But you really got me on your video.
    Passion is key brother.
    We win, but, yes there is a but.
    What happens to the ones who refused to do anything?
    I personally don’t trust them.
    We are gate keepers, they won’t pass my gate!

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